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For Two Starters:

Fillet fish weighing 350-400 gr’ (with the skin)

One onion chopped into half moons

A teaspoon of Sumac spices

An oil

Mint and coriander leaves

A cup of raw Tahini

A glass of very cold water

One medium lemon

High quality Amba

Salt & Pepper



Pick a jar with a closure, open it and pour in the tahini, a glass of cold water, lemon juice from a whole lemon, and a flat teaspoon of salt. Close it and shake it well, until the Tahini has a smooth texture.

Cut the onions and mix them in a small bowl with a teaspoon of Sumac.

Heat oil to medium-high heat, and fry the fillets of the fish with the skins, deep and fairly long, until the fish looks golden on both sides, which will ensure crispiness in the final dish.


Preparation of the dish:

Pour out a good amount of Tahini on the plate. Put it on one fillet, chopped like shawarma (using a sharp knife, cut once along the length of the fillet.) On this, spread a good quantity of the onion-Sumac mix.  Chop the leaves and add them too. Above all, generously add the Amba.

It’s ready!  Now, all that is left, is to pour a glass of the 1848 Winery Rose and enjoy the meal!

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